Recycled Pets SoCal
All Breed K-9 Rescue 
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276 Victoria St.
Costa Mesa, CA 92627

We are not a public shelter this address is for mailing purposes only, it is NOT the location of our facility. Visits to our facility are by appointment only.

Our Mission:

We at Recycled Pets SoCal rescue many dogs from county shelters who would otherwise be killed due to the severe pet overpopulation issues we face as a community in Southern California. We provide them medical attention, training, and place them into responsible, loving, forever homes. Our plight is to raise public awareness about homeless animals and the importance of spay and neuter. We take on many medical cases such as mange, broken legs, severely injured, senior dogs,  bait/fighting dogs, mothers with babies, or pregnant mothers. Recycled Pets SoCal has a different approach to rescue, we keep our rescue numbers modest so that each and every dog receives individual training, socialization, and behavior evaluation. Our dogs NEVER languish in boarding, they are not put from one cage to another. They all get a home environment and we know the personality of each and every dog intimately because we live with them. We hold public adoption events twice a month in Orange County.

If you would like to meet all of our adoptable dogs at our High Desert facility,  you must have an approved application. Meeting our dogs at our facility is by appointment only. 

Where do our dogs come from?
70% of our dogs come from High-Kill County Shelters or (Death Row)
20% of our dogs come form street rescues, as in dogs that have been abandoned in foreclosed homes, or dumped to fend for themselves, or freeway rescues.
10% of our dogs come from owner surrenders, who are aware that owner surrenders to County Shelters are the first killed for space. 

Recycle = Adopt don't shop
Reduce = Spay and Neuter
Reuse = Pets are Forever
Recover = Microchip and Tag